6th Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Congress of South-East Europe



The Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Congress of South-East Europe is a biannual gathering of scientists, professionals, and specialists from both academia and industry, covering all aspects of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering. The aim of the Congress is to present up-to-date research results, new ideas, and innovations, revealing and interpreting the critical challenges that industry and society are currently facing and actively contributing to their solutions.

The Congress encompasses a wide range of related topics and presents current views related to processing-structure-property relationships, advances in processing, characterization, and applications of modern materials. It also adopts a multidimensional approach where challenges and solutions are placed in a broader context, such as policy, economics, product design, and value chains.

At the Congress, the most recent research in metallurgical and materials engineering will be presented, with a focus on creative strategies and solutions that reduce resource and energy consumption, enhance material recovery, reuse, and recycling, and ultimately minimize adverse environmental effects.

The event includes keynote speeches, scientific and technical lectures, poster sessions, and technical tours, as well as a comprehensive exhibition and remarkable social events. Special attention will be given to the promotion of young researchers as well as to applied innovations.


    1. Future of metals/materials industry in South-East European countries;
    2. Raw materials;
    3. New industrial achievements, developments, and trends in metals/materials;
    4. Ferrous and nonferrous metals production;
    5. Metal forming, casting, refractories, and powder metallurgy;
    6. New and advanced ceramics, polymers, and composites;
    7. Characterization and structure of materials;
    8. Recycling and waste minimization;
    9. Corrosion, coating, and protection of materials;
    10. Process control and modeling;
    11. Nanotechnology;
    12. Sustainable development;
    13. Welding;
    14. Environmental protection;
    15. Education; Accreditation & certification

The Scientific Committee hopes that Congress will stimulate new ideas and improve the knowledge in the field of metallurgical and materials engineering.

  • Miroslav Sokić, Serbia, president
  • Marija Korać, Serbia, vice president
  • Veljko Djokić, Serbia, vice president
  • Aleksandra Daković, Serbia
  • Ana Kostov, Serbia
  • Bernd Friedrich, Germany
  • Borislav Malinović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Boštjan Markoli, Slovenia
  • Branislav Marković, Serbia
  • Corby Anderson, USA
  • Duško Minić, Serbia
  • Djordje Janaćković, Serbia
  • Hasan Avdušinović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ilhan Bušatlić, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Jarmila Trpčevska, Slovakia
  • Jasna Stajić-Trošić, Serbia
  • Jovana Ružić, Serbia
  • Karlo Raić, Montenegro
  • Kemal Delijić, Montenegro
  • Ljiljana Matović, Serbia
  • Ljubica Radović, Serbia
  • Martin Debelak, Slovenia
  • Mile Bugarin, Serbia
  • Mile Djurđević, Austria
  • Miljana Popović, Serbia
  • Miljana Radivojević, United Kingdom
  • Mirjana Kijevčanin, Serbia
  • Miroslav Ignjatović, Serbia
  • Nada Štrbac, Serbia
  • Natalija Dolić, Croatia
  • Nebojša Tadić, Montenegro
  • Nenad Radović, Serbia
  • Pasquale Daniele Cavaliere, Italy
  • Rebeka Rudolf, Slovenia
  • Rossita Paunova, Bulgaria
  • Sanja Martinivić, Serbia
  • Sebastian Baloš, Serbia
  • Srećko Manasijević, Serbia
  • Srećko Stopić, Germany
  • Tatjana Volkov-Husović, Serbia
  • Vaso Manojlović, Serbia
  • Vesna Maksimović, Serbia
  • Vladan Ćosović, Serbia
  • Zdenka Zovko-Brodarac, Croatia
  • Željko Kamberović, Serbia
  • Vaso Manojlović, Serbia, president
  • Branislav Marković, Serbia, vice president
  • Stefan Dikić, Serbia
  • Nikola Kanas, Serbia
  • Nela Petronijević, Serbia
  • Gvozden Jovanović, Serbia
  • Mladen Bugarčić, Serbia
  • Aleksandar Jovanović, Serbia
  • Gordana Marković, Serbia
  • Dimitrije Andjić, Serbia


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